Lawyers at centre of Raila Odinga oath at uhuru parka

Lawyers Tom Kajwang’ and Miguna Miguna were at the centre of events at Uhuru Park that culminated in the “swearing-in” of Nasa leader Raila Odinga as the ‘people’s president’.
Mr Kajwang’, a two-time MP for Ruaraka constituency, Nairobi, arrived at Uhuru Park early in the morning donning lawyers’ robe and wig, to thunderous welcome by Nasa supporters.
Many people had travelled from outside Nairobi to witness the event.
Mr Miguna, who seems to have worked his way back into Mr Odinga’s inner circle, also arrived early to a rapturous welcome. He was at the forefront on Tuesday.
Though his law firm, Miguna Miguna & Company Advocates, the abrasive Canada-educated lawyer commissioned the oath that was administered on Mr Odinga.
Meanwhile, as Mr Odinga took the oath, Mr Kajwang’ stood right behind him, although his role in the exercise remains unclear.
It was after this fallout that Mr Miguna penned his memoir, Peeling Back the Mask: A Quest for Justice in Kenya, in which he made unflattering remarks about Mr Odinga, including accusing him of being corrupt. His second book Kidneys for the King: Deforming the Status Quo in Kenya, published in 2013, also hit out at Mr Odinga.
After the August 8 elections, Mr Miguna, who was a candidate for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat, said he had voted for President Uhuru Kenyatta but had started moving back to the inner sanctums of Mr Odinga’s advisers after the Supreme Court annulled the August 8 presidential election.

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