The judge on the spotlight over Miguna case

Justice Luka Kiprotich Kimaru has recently been in the spotlight after the arrest of Nasa activist Miguna Miguna following the January 30 “swearing-in” of opposition leader Raila Odinga.
His name has been in the news following his orders that Mr Miguna be produced in court and after the orders were not heeded, he summoned the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet and the DCI boss George Kinoti.
The summons were also ignored.
Justice Kimaru was appointed a judge of the High Court in December 2003, then aged 36 years. His first posting was in Nairobi at the Criminal Division before he was moved to Nakuru.
Justice Kimaru has received both flak and praise in equal measure over his handling of a case filed by Nasa lawyers involving the arrest and holding of Mr Miguna in police cells.
Following his release orders which were seemingly ignored, the judge Tuesday assured agitated lawyers and Nasa supporters that he would stay in court until Mr Miguna was produced.
He went ahead to terminate all the charges brought against Mr Miguna.
But there was an unexpected turn events later Tuesday evening after it emerged that Mr Miguna had been “deported” out of Kenya to Canada via a KLM flight.

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