Teen killed, 6 wounded during protest in Nicaragua

Anadolu Agency

A teen was shot dead by pro-government forces Sunday during a protest in the Nicaraguan capital city, Managua.

Police said Romero was “caught in crossfire between protesters.”

Local media, La Prensa, reported at least six other people were wounded by gunfire, one a local journalist who was shot in the arm.

Protesters were asking for political prisoners to be freed by the government that detained them as “terrorists” in recent months.

Demonstrators were surrounded by police and pro-government armed forces, according to media reports. On one side, tear gas was fired at the crowd and shots were heard on the opposite side.

Some protesters and those who were wounded took shelter in a church where they lay flat, pictures on social media show. “

Human rights groups have identified at least 300 people illegally incarcerated by pro-government forces since the start of the repression in Nicaragua in April.

Nicaraguan authorities said last week they arrested 204 people but denied their incarceration was illegal.

Human rights organizations and investigators have repeatedly been denied access to detainees.

Authorities blamed Sunday’s violence on “right-wing coup-mongers” for “attacking families” in tweets with pictures of protesters carrying makeshift mortars.

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